Below, we honour our SMSC life members. Those special people, that throughout our clubs’ history, have selflessly embodied the Bulldog spirit ‘The strength of many, the heart of one’. It is through the commitment and drive of people like these, we endure.

Name Year of Induction
Mr Norman Sarah Unknown
Mr Danny Lambton Unknown
Mr Lloyd Williams Unknown
Mrs Mary O’Loughlin Unknown
Mr Victor Berryman Unknown
Mr Terry Dean Inducted 1965
Mr Des O’Connor Unknown
Mrs Melva Tilley Unknown
Mr Ian Ryan Unknown
Mr Ronald Pike Unknown
Mr George Riordan Snr Unknown
Mrs Josie King Unknown
Mr Len Skipper Unknown
Mr George Collie Unknown
Mr George Kennedy Unknown
Mrs Lilian Binger Unknown
Mr Ken Mansell Unknown
Mr Wally Keeble Unknown
Mrs Thelma Gathercole Unknown
Mrs Beulah Riordan Unknown
Mrs Anne Thomas Unknown
Mr Peter Jackson Unknown
Mr Herbert Fraser Unknown
Mr Alec Jacob Unknown
Mr Bruce Weir Unknown
Mr Colin Coombes Unknown
Mr John King Unknown
Mr Ronald Loveridge Unknown
Mr John Villiva Unknown
Mr Stanley Sleep Unknown
Mr Ronald Gathercole Unknown
Mr Ron Judd Unknown
Mrs Marvis Knights Unknown
Mrs June Fumberger Unknown
Mrs Evelyn Andrew Unknown
Mr George Andrew Unknown
Mr Gordon Casey Unknown
Mr Jeffery Murphy Unknown
Mrs Dot Judd Unknown
Mr Garry Johns Inducted 1989
Mr Tomas Ryan Inducted 1993
Mr Shane Loveridge Inducted 1993
Mr Ross Weightman Inducted 1993
Mr Lyle Massey Inducted 1994
Mrs Beverly McKenzie Inducted 1994
Mr Bryan Coombes Inducted 1994
Mr Michael Burke Inducted 1995
Mrs Joan Lewin Inducted 1996
Mr Ernest Caldwell Inducted 1996
Mr Terry Ryan Inducted 1997
Mr Peter Hahn Inducted 1997
Mr Owen Evans Inducted 1999
Mr Peter Hutchinson Inducted 2000
Mr Andrew Banks Inducted 2000
Mr Wayne Thomas Inducted 2001
Mr Philip Castleman Inducted 2002
Mr Brian Bennett Inducted 2002
Mrs Shirley O’Connor Inducted 2002
Mr Terry Loveridge Inducted 2003
Mr John Bruynen Inducted 2003
Mr Paul Tarrant Inducted 2003
Mr Paul Dean Inducted 2004
Mr Mark Symons Inducted 2004
Mr Robert Hellwege Inducted 2004
Mr Howard Casey Inducted 2004
Mr Peter Keir Inducted 2005
Mr Hugh Middleton Inducted 2005
Mr Steven Fumberger Inducted 2007
Mr Frank Zappia Inducted 2007
Mr Geoff Driscoll Inducted 2007
Mr Donald Voege Inducted 2008
Mr Shane Gathercole Inducted 2008
Mr Ian Henderson Inducted 2008
Mr Peter Johns Inducted 2010
Mr Denny Fox Inducted 2011
Mr Hayden Cook Inducted 2013
Mr Raymond Brougham Inducted 2015
Mr Jason O’Brien Inducted 2015
Mr Nev Thompson Inducted 2016
Mr Nicholas Reck Inducted 2016
Mr Dom Scullino Inducted 2016
Mr Nathan Johns Inducted 2016