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The South Mildura Sporting Club donated many sets of old junior football jumpers to a charity supporting Cambodia. As you can see by the photos the kids were absolutely delighted to receive this donation! The jumpers were given by the SMSC committee to “Leanne Morgan & Stephen Ray”, to pass on to their friends who do volunteer work in Cambodia.  “Sue & Daryl” –  have been travelling to Cambodia for years, volunteering and fund raising to assist the struggling  families and villages in Cambodia.


The following is Sue & Daryl’s – thanks for projects achieved in 2018:

Once again, giving our sincere thanks to you, Leanne & Stubbs, and to all our valued supporters for our 2018 Cambodia Campaign and our projects.

This year we spent another 4 months in the county in 4 stints, and again feel very proud of what we could achieve with your help.

Our major fundraising focus was for our ultimate dream of providing a rescue home, a safe family home, for at risk children who have none…we realise this will be a big task, and thank those who contributed via our Gofundme page…we have a long way to go, but wish to assure all those who responded that your funds are in an interest bearing account (albeit at a very low rate!!!) and will be held till we have accumulated enough deposit to secure a loan to have this legacy we wish to leave a reality. We did much research, which will continue till we find the ideal land or home …we will keep you informed xx

With other funds from many of you, on my birthday, from sales of Daryl’s art, and just given from the goodness of your heart, we achieved so much…

In the island community of Koh Rumdual (formerly, and still officially, Koh Kor) we…

  • Funded 10 more toilets for grateful families, giving real health benefits
  • 20 more gutters, one filter and 77 water pot lids – more health benefits
  • tin, timber, soil, netting, bricks, cement, windows to improve homes for 14 families
  • transport to clinics/hospitals, scripts filled, first aid supplies, Dr Daryl in the house!
  • 2 chicken coops, fishing nets for sustainable futures – 4 soccer balls for fun
  • bracelet purchases & commissioned products to give income and for our fundraising
  • At the volunteer-built school, Side by Side…
    • Tile and timber renovation of the dining area tables and stools
    • insect netting over 13 windows in the meeting room
    • text books, exercise/note books, whiteboard markers, pens, pencils, treats
    • gate and 2 carts repaired, rubbish bins, insect spray, weed spray, garden seat, rice & rice cooker, building supplies, sand pit toys…and much more
  •  At the Government school – 35 uniforms, exercise/note books, pens and pencils
  • Visitor’s hut – cement steps, floor repair, metal storage box, fan & mosquito nets
  • And in Chhuung Leap on the mainland, windows, gutters, tiled floor for Granny and 3 orphans
  • At Kolap 4 Orphanage, where with family & friends we support 18 children….
    • Raised the storeroom floor 60cms against floods & built shelves
    • Khmer school uniforms and shoes for 17, and 300 exercise/note books for all
    • 15 umbrellas, board games, books, laminator, sleeves, printer inks, leggings…
    • Treats, end of term & birthday meals, big day out for 55, Pchum Ben holiday for 6
  • Distributed many donated clothes at Kolap 4, Koh Rumdual and Prek Khdam on Koh Chen

We met with consultants, contractors and NGO’s over future projects and possibilities…

What we can give in this all-consuming retirement passion of ours is much appreciated by all the deserving recipients…and we so appreciate being able to give though your support…

Sincere thanks … Sue and Daryl









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